Usage Guide

The programmes

The REZL app comes with a number of audio programmes.

First, is the “Introduction to REZL” programme – to explain how the REZL app works to build up our own “reserves of resilience”; and how becoming more will do just that. This is followed by “The Rezl Foundation programme which will put all this to work. You have a “toolbox programme” loaded.   This has been designed to help you to deal with certain situations… and issues in that may arise in your life – and you also have a “maintenance programme” loaded for when you have completed the Foundation Programme”.

Each of these programmes is made up of one or more audio sessions for you to listen to – some, like this one, are tutorials and some are “Guided meditations”.

Using Rezl

We recommend that you should try and use REZL every day.

The Foundation Programme has eight topics – and within each topic there is a tutorial and a guided mediation.   You can go through these eight topics as fast as you like – even to binge them.

The Foundation Programme will then go back over the mediations to embed the skills and habits that will make you more resilient.  It’s the” embed phase” that  will change the way you react – consciously an d unconsciously.   The “embed phase” is where the value is delivered.

By starting to work with Rezl we want you “to focus only on working through the eight topics”

And then you can make “your own positive decision” to push on and embed theses skill and habits.

…Remember, every time you work with Rezl is another positive step forward  and it is important that you recognise and even celebrate this.


To use REZL… you simply sign in using your PIN – and please be reassured … your use of REZL is completely anonymous – no one knows who you are… what your phone number is…. or what you are doing.

The Pin is there to protect your privacy… so that anyone who has your phone cannot access your REZL app.

When you sign in …you will come to the home screen. The home screen has the “quick start controls” .

The “Quick start controls” provide an easy way for you to run the “next session that is due”.  So you always know where you are… and to play the “next session that is due” then you just press the green play button.

The Quick Start controls will work through this “welcome tutorial” and then go on through each of the eight topics within the “foundation programme”.    It will play each topic session just as we recommend.  It will then move on to the next topic and so on.

If you should wish to re-listen to the week’s tutorial then you can do so by tapping the play button next to the tutorial.

if you want to skip forward –  for instance to go on the next topic – then you can use the “forward” button to  move on. Providing you have completed each of the sessions within the current topic at least once; and if wish, you  may use the “rewind” button to go back to previous topics.

So, each time you return to the home page the REZL Quick Start controls will always know where you are… and the green play button will show you what you should do next

The Navigation Bar

To Return to the “home screen” you can always use the “home icon” on the “navigation bar” at the foot of each screen, at the right end of the navigation bar there is “more options icon”.  Tapping this icon will take you to an options menu  – that will enable you to  sign out,  to use to alter the your settings or your preferences, or  to visit our resources page

Mood Surveys

About once every two weeks you will get a notification asking you to complete a simple “mood survey” – you can do this directly from the notification… or by using the “mood survey icon” …on the “navigation bar” at the foot of each REZL screen.

You can do more mood surveys if you like – and REZL will keep a track of your scores and how you are doing.

The Mood Survey page will let you see your previous scores.

If you want to do the mood surveys less frequently… then there is an option in your preferences to adjust this

Mo.od Diary

There is a “Mood diary” icon on the navigation bar.

This diary option allows you to keep notes on your thoughts and feelings as you work through the REZL programmes – it’s just for you to use if you would like to do so.  It’s private.  You might want to jot down how you feel – or any key insights that you gain… or things that you want to remember

Resources Page

It could be, that some of our users have problems in their lives or with their wellbeing and that they feel that they need some help or support –   if that‘s the case then we have put together a list of phone lines and websites that will offer help… and they are all on the REZL Resources page.   The resources page can accessed from the  menu icon at the top of the  home screen,

Get a Rezl Habit

Finally, to give you some advice about how and when to use REZL.

It is important to establish a Rezl-habit. So try to be consistent in when you use Rezl; and make your time with Rezl an “enjoyable and relaxing” part of you day.

At whatever time you have chosen…  when you first wake up – or come home, or when you’ve tided away your evening meal, or when the TV news comes on, or when it finishes – then go somewhere quiet  and listen to Rezl.

People often tell us, that after working with Rezl, they feel a kind of joy… or happiness
– so each time then check how you feel.

And after each sessio take a few moments to reflect on the different topics that you have covered so far… and see if you can identify some occasions when you have been able to use these ideas within your day.   So “Reflect on your progress.”

To be double sure to stick with Rezl then make yourself a promise:  say to yourself – “Each day, at such and such time, I will set aside whatever I am doing and work with Rezl for 15 minutes;  and after this I will return to whatever I was doing before.”

Each of the tutorials and meditations lasts between 5 and 15 minutes… No more.  REZL will be most effective if you can use it regularly – for instance every day would be great

But here’s the thing… you must be able to listen to the sessions, and to concentrate on them, especially the meditations, without distractions or interruptions.  You can be lying down or seated with your eyes closed.  So you will need to find a time of the day, and a place, when you can do that regularly.

Some find it is best to use REZL first thing – while lying awake in bed.  Others may find it useful to use REZL before bedtime – or maybe in the evening…. or in a quiet place at lunch time (…in a library perhaps).   But you need to find a place where you can sit or lie; with your eyes closed; and where you can be free from distractions – and this will mean putting your phone into airplane mode… just for 10 minutes or so.

We  expect you will come to enjoy the calm and space that the sessions require – so make an appointment to do them.

We are really proud of REZL…. and we believe you will find it valuable too…  so please give it your best shot – and use it regularly and in a quiet place away from distractions.

We hope that you enjoy your Journey with REZL – and that you find it interesting, supportive and affirming.

Take care of yourself.