Learn how Rezl can transform your staff… and your organisation.

Most of us are aware that mindfulness can increase resilience and improve wellbeing… to help deal with stress and with challenges…  yet it can also improve the performance of each of us

As well as building up our resilience, mindfulness is shown to have other positive benefits:  it helps people to deal with stress and pressure; it improves concentration, reducing mistakes and increasing productivity; it makes people more open and more empathetic;  it improves self-esteem and life satisfaction and in a change management situation, it enables people to embrace change, positively. Research has shown that teams with mindful team-members are more effective and more likely to collaborate towards achieving team goals. And it builds resilience which is essential… as our own research shows  that many employees are unaware of just how low their levels of resilience are getting … until it’s too late.

Rezl is a smartphone app that delivers a full blown “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” (MBCT)  course employing tutorials and guided meditations.

So yes, Rezl will reduce the impact of common mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and the symptoms of stress.  Yet it can do much more.

Resilience training can be costly and participation can be low… as staff avoid the commitment to attend training sessions.  Rezl is low cost… and engagement is high… as staff can access the sessions to fit within their lives.

Rezl is a corporate solution to  enable employers to build the resilience of their employees. Contact us to see how Rezl can transform your staff… and your organisation.

Case studies show that programmes to build resilience through MBCT achieve the following benefits…

  • Reduced absence by 30%
  • Reduced staff turnover by 13%
  • 2.5% increase in productivity
  • Reduced errors by 10%
  • Increased job satisfaction: a lasting mean improvement scores of 18%
  • Better decision making – 2.5% improvement
  • Less burnout – rapid brain recovery from highly  stressful events
  • Creatives gain focus,  better ideas, more ideas
  • Managing change and other complex situations – 83% said meditation helped them through a significant change (processes, systems and jobs)
  • Resilience in the face  of change – those who rated themselves “high” increased from 10% to 70%

Rezl runs on Android and  iOS phones;  it employs audio tutorials, guided meditations, exercises and questionnaires. The programmes are designed by practicing therapists working with MBCT and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).  Users work through the Rezl programmes at their own pace and can repeat any of the steps for reinforcement or because they find them helpful or enjoyable. Rezl prompts the user to keep on track and establish regular habits.

Rezl contains:  

An introduction Tutorial  to orientate users

An 8-week MBCT Foundation Programme includes meditations and tutorials

A Maintenance Programme  – after completing the Foundation Programme users may continue to re-enforce their mindfulness skills

The Toolbox  provides sessions to help users to focus on challenges that may arise

Contact us to learn more about how Rezl can transform your staff… and your organisation.