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Rezl is a smartphone app designed to increase resilience in all of us. Rezl uses “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” (or MBCT) which is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and low mood; to increase job satisfaction and life satisfaction; to improve concentration – increasing productivity and reducing mistakes; to make people more open to the views of others; and for elite performers, it increases their level of performance and “flow”.

To be healthy we take exercise, we eat right, we try to achieve a good work-life balance. So, why not ensure our “emotional well-being” is charged and ready to deal with the challenges that may lie in store for us?

Try a short sample of a Rezl meditation:

Rezl is a smartphone app that builds “resilience”.

Our “resilience” is what helps us to respond to “challenges and setbacks” so that we can focus on the things that we wish to achieve  at work and in our private lives. 

Research shows that by learning to be mindful we can increase our resilience in a way that lasts.  

REZL is a smartphone app designed to increase resilience in all of us –it’s like going to the gym, taking vitamins or eating right.

The science shows that it will work for you…  

Rezl will introduce you to something called  “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” – or MBCT – which was developed at the universities of Massachusetts and Oxford. 

Scientific research shows that MBCT significantly reduces anxiety and low mood; it increases job satisfaction and life satisfaction; it improves concentration and this increases productivity and reduces mistakes. MBCT makes people more open to the views of others and research has shown that teams with mindful team-members are more effective and more likely to collaborate towards achieving team goals.

Elite performers, at work or in sport, are relentless in seeking out ways to improve. So, if you want to increase your level of performance, experience shows that Rezl will improve your focus, your engagement and your “flow”… so that you will see things vividly… and the steps to success will become clear… so that you move up to the next level.  

And for leaders and aspiring leaders…. Rezl will develop your skills to manage in “challenging and disruptive business environments”.  Through Rezl you will attain the objectivity, focus and “emotional stability” that you will require in such situations

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