These terms apply to the Rezl and the RezlTeam apps – the term Rezl below shall refer to both the Rezl and the RezlTeam apps.

Carina Sciences believes privacy is a fundamental human right.

Rezl does not collect any information on you that would allow us to identify who you are or where you are or on what device you are using Rezl. We do not collect your GPS location, IP address, device id, phone number or any other information which would allow us or anyone else to identify you in any way.

When the Rezl app first starts it will create an anonymous “Rezl user id” on our server, with the date and time you successfully registered but we do not request your phone number, device id or any other information.   You enter a PIN which is only stored on your phone.  Our data is held on servers located in Europe and complies with all European Data Protection regulations and laws including GDPR.

We may collect information on the usage of Rezl but such information is anonymous; this allows us to understand how the community of users is using Rezl.

In some circumstance we may ask you to provide an email address to us – yet without having any knowledge of who you are – this email address is not linked to your use of Rezl.  It may be used by us, and only us, to email an anonymous survey to you so that we can ask about your use of Rezl and for your feedback on the app;  the same survey is sent to all recipients without any way of identifying anyone who replies to the survey.

For information on data collection polices by Apple go to  

For information on data collection policies by Google go to

While law enforcement may contact us, we have no information on you so will NOT be able to provide any information to them about you, including your PIN.

Where an organisation has provided Rezl to you, then we will not provide any information on you to this organisation or to any other third parties.

For support purposes, we may occasionally ask for one piece of information, your Rezl user id, but answering this question is totally optional and does not allow us to identify who you. Should we ask this question you are ALWAYS free to ignore it.

Your PIN is never transmitted to Carina Sciences so no one in our organisation will ever know your PIN or ask you for your PIN.  This does mean that if you forget it, we are unable to help you in resetting it. Under these circumstances, you will need to click on the Forgot PIN option and this will reset the application which will then look as it did when you first installed Rezl.

The Rezl app will only ask for the minimum app system permissions to download the audio files and play audio.

Should you wish to delete all data from your phone, uninstall Rezl.  As we do not store ANY data about you outside your phone, there will be no data on our server to delete so there is no need to ask us to remove anything.  If you re-install Rezl at a later date, then a new user id will be generated which will not be associated with the previous user id.