Here are some notes to help you prepare to use Rezl – followed by the installation instructions:

 What’s it all about?

Rezl is a smartphone app that builds “resilience”. Our “resilience” is what helps us to respond to “challenges and setbacks”  – so that we can focus on the things that we wish to achieve  at work and in our private lives.

Research shows that by learning to be mindful we can increase our resilience in a way that lasts.   Rezl will introduce you to something called  “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” – or MBCT – which was developed at the universities of Massachusetts and Oxford.

What do you want Rezl to do for you?

Just take a minute to think about what you would like to achieve from your use of Rezl. Maybe you want Rezl to:

  • increase your resilience. (The signs that your resilience may be getting low include difficulty sleeping, “irritability and moodswings”, poor levels of concentration and restlessness.)
  • avoid being controlled by your emotions
  • avoid problems like anxiety and low mood
  • increase your self confidence
  • deal with stress and pressure
  • improve your ability to concentrate and to focus
  • be more able to deal with the challenge and uncertainty of change.
  • boost your performance at work or in sport,  then Rezl will increase your focus, your engagement and your “flow”.
  • enable you to develop the skills to manage in challenging and disruptive business environments and to attain the objectivity, focus and emotional stability that you will require.

So wherever you are starting from  – then just imagine how things will be when you make the “step-up” that you desire.   Rezl will free you from the habits that hold you back and you will be able to achieve more in every part of your life. Imagine how that will feel.

The science shows it will work for you  

Scientific research shows that MBCT significantly increases job satisfaction and life satisfaction. It is shown to increase concentration so that we are not distracted… and this increases productivity and reduces mistakes. Mindfulness makes people more open to the views of others – research has shown that teams with mindful team-members are more effective and more likely to collaborate towards achieving team goals.

Make a promise – try eight topics in eight days …then you decide

The Rezl foundation course comprises just eight topics…and for each topic there is a tutorial and a guided mediation.   You can work through them as slowly or a quickly as you like.   Yet if you have time to listen to “a few sessions in one sitting”, then trials have shown that this is the “most effective way” to work with Rezl. 

Building up your resilience is like training for a race. To give Rezl a fair chance then we ask you to commit to working through the eight topics – and then to review your progress so that you can make a positive decision to go on to embed the skills that will develop your mindfulness and your resilience.  Try it; just work through the eight topics and then make a positive decision to continue.

 Using Rezl

You must be able to listen to the Rezl sessions and to concentrate on them without distractions or interruptions.  You can be lying down or seated; and with your eyes closed.   So you will need to find a time of the day, and a place, when you can do that…. regularly.   Some find it is best to use REZL first thing – while lying awake in bed.  Others find it useful to use REZL or in a quiet place at lunch time or in the evening…. or before bedtime.

 Get the Rezl Habit

To form a “Rezl habit” …then try to be consistent in when you use Rezl; and make your time with Rezl an “enjoyable and relaxing” part of you day.

So,  at whatever time you have chosen:…  when you first come home; or when you’ve tided away your evening meal ; or when the TV news comes on… or when it finishes  – then go somewhere quiet  and listen to Rezl.

People often tell us, that after working with Rezl, they feel a kind of joy or happiness – so after each session then check how you feel .  Then take a few moment to reflect on the different topics that you have covered so far… and see if you can identify some occasions when you have been able to use these ideas within your day.

To keep your appointments with Rezl  then say to yourself – “Each day, at such and such time, I will set aside whatever I am doing and work with Rezl for 15 minutes;  and after this I will return to whatever I was doing before.”

Every time you work with Rezl is “another positive step forward” …. and it is important that you recognise and even celebrate this.

We expect you will come to enjoy the calm and space that the sessions require – so make an appointment to do them.  We are really proud of REZL.  So join us… and the many users who have changed their lives by using Rezl.   Rezl really will make a positive change in your life.  Believe it!


Here are the instructions that you need to install and activate Rezl – you will also need a COHORT and a PASSCODE.  You should have been given you COHORT and PASSCODE in your joining  instructions – if you do not have these then please contact us at


Once Rezl is installed and activated it will download the audio files – if does not subsequently require an internet connection – so you can run the app wherever you want… even on airplane more.

  1. If you have an Android device then go to the Google Play store or if you have an iPhone then go to the Appstore.  Search for “Rezl” and locate the Rezl app with the pink logo published by Carina Sciences.
  2. The Rezl app is free to download so proceed to install the app.
  3. The first time you run Rezl you will need to activate it – this is best done where you have a stable WiFi connection as the app will download the audio content for the Rezl programmes.
  4. ACCEPT our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions (please read them – they are very short).
  5. Rezl will prompt you for a COHORT and the PASSCODE above
  6. Rezl will then prompt you to enter a security PIN of your choice to prevent un-authorised use of your Rezl app – this can be a six or a four digit pin (tap on the 4 digit PIN link under the keypad if you want 4 digits).  You will be asked to Verify the PIN by re-entering it.
  7. Rezl will then proceed to download it’s content – this may take between one and five minutes depending on the speed of your Wifi/broadband connection – so please be patient.
  8. When the content is downloaded, press CONTINUE and a message will be displayed giving you the option to go to the “Resources” page.
  9. You may press START to proceed to the Rezl home page.