2000 FREE Rezl licences

As the World Health Organisation officially declared the Covid-19 virus a “pandemic”, cities across the world are implementing preventative measures such as self-isolation, restricting movement, social distancing and better hygiene to try to mitigate the number of cases.

This is creating fear and anxiety…

The Rezl Initiative: 
Get the Rezl app FREE – to reduce anxiety and stress

In response to the pandemic, Carina Sciences is making its Rezl app available FREE to those worried by the situation.

Rezl uses Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy which is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and to enable you to deal with stress, challenges and uncertainty.

Rezl is an app for Android  and iOS phones that builds resilience. Our resilience helps us to respond to challenges and setbacks, enabling us to focus on the things that we wish to achieve in our lives.  Research shows that learning to be ‘mindful’ can increase our resilience in a lasting way.

We are making 2000 FREE licences available right now. Hurry to claim your free Rezl app.·

For a free Rezl app, email

You will then receive instructions on how to install and activate Rezl. Your use of Rezl is anonymous but we may send you a short questionnaire in a few weeks so that we can improve Rezl and provide better help to people in the future, and update you by email on what we’re doing with the app. Thank you and we wish you well in these difficult times.

Take care of yourself.

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